Tala Security Systems & Services (TSS), was established in 2015, is a company dedicated to Security, Audio Visual and control systems. We design, supply and install all the system that we provide. Since our start, we decided that “quality” would be our theme because quality is directly linked with reputation, and we always strive to maintain a very high reputation.


Our style of business has always been based on the saying “if you do not know it, don’t do it.” Therefore, we only work with systems that we are competent with; we never get involved with anything unless we have full technical and engineering knowledge about it. This strategy forced us to study and understand (comprehensively) all the system we work with today. Our experience added to our technical know-how give us the competent we need to be ahead in our field. Another good aspect of our organization is that every member in it has a passion for our activities - we all have personal interests in the above systems, we like to work with them, and this helps us a lot to pioneer in our field.


To us, specialization is as important as quality, We believe that it’s always best to work with specialists and that is how we select our suppliers whom we work with. We select the suppliers that are well known in specific areas, we don’t deal with suppliers that make just about “everything”.


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