Audio Visual Systems

In order to ensure complete coverage of the clients’ needs, we set ourselves to provide specialized systems for the AV industry. These systems include:


A. PA and music systems for homes, shops and commercial buildings. These systems start from the very small and compact CD and amplifier units up to complete expandable racks and computerized equipment.


B. Presentation rooms, conference rooms, and lecture halls AV equipment. These systems start from a projector and screen, displays system, going through audio conference delegates and interpretation systems. Up to complicated lecture halls or labs that have multi projectors, displays, sound system, microphone system and AV user interfaces for computers and AV sources.


The following are all the audio visual systems:

  • IPTV Systems.
  • Video Conference Systems.
  • Digital Signage Systems.
  • SMATV Systems.
  • Public Address & Music on Background Systems.
  • Meeting Room Solutions.
  • Ball Room/Party Hall/Conference Hall Solutions.
  • Broadcast Networking Solutions. 
  • Access Control: A system that restricts entries in unauthorized areas of buildings and offices. The system keeps record of the entries and exit activities, which makes it suitable for both security and time attendance applications.
  • Applications: Banks, Offices Buildings, Governmental Offices, Police Stations