We always try to provide our clients with their complete needs of security, Audio visual, and Control systems; this includes design proposals, supply, installation and programming of the required systems. It is important for the client to come to “one place” and find all his requirements and needs.


Tala is specialized in supply & installation of all type of Telecommunication systems such as Fiber Optics (FTTx) Solutions, Structured Cabling solutions, ICT active & passive components, Low current / Extra Low Voltage Systems  and Civil work related to Telecom infrastructure in both Service Provider domains well as Building Services Engineering (MEP) industry .


Our Provisions


  • To be one of the leading ICT and Low Current / ELV systems integrator in Qatar.

  • To be one of the reliable, modern and integrated telecommunication services company in Qatar.

  • To provide our client most reliable and cost effective solutions through professional commitment.

  • Our main aim is to work in technological development of Qatar to achieve the dream of knowledge economy by 2030.

  • We strive to give our clients a competitive edge in their respective needs to achieve safe and fast growth of their business.

Design Service


Obviously, designing a system is the most difficult part, not because it is hard to do, but because each client has a unique requirement that has to be worked out to fit his needs. In other cases, the client does not have defined requirement, there, we have to suggest and provide consultation. So, it differs from case to case, and this is the part which makes designing system very interesting. In most cases, we have to “tailor make” the design to serve the entire client’s needs.


Our multi-skilled team of 50+ persons includes engineers, designers, sales, marketing, supervisor, foreman, technicians and general labors who are working  hand-in-hand for a single common goal to provide the best solutions to our customers by following our successfully implemented, tested and accepted Work Breakdown Structure.


Whatever the project is, we make every effort to understand our client’s project requirement through their long term ICT strategy.


Our Planning & Project Management Team meets the highest international standards by working with world’s leading Telecommunication, ICT & ELV manufacturers.


Equipment suppliers also help us in the design work to ensure optimum design & proper selection of components.

Our design services include the following area:

  • Creating Client/ Projects  needs
  • Generating specifications and requirements.
  • Selecting systems and components.
  • Design system selected.
  • Design verification and Making B.O.Q.
  • Prepare Technical proposal.
  • Prepare Quotations and Financial proposals
  • Professional Planning & Design Engineering.
  • Presales work including vendor selection.
  • Detailed Engineering Design.
  • Project & Construction Management with safety first approach.
  • Testing, commissioning & handover of the systems in reliable method and making the system fool proof launches.

Supply of Equipment/Systems


The major part of our activity is the supply of the equipment we design. As mentioned previously, we are very careful when it comes to selecting a supplier. We always work with the best suppliers known at each field, and we try to collaborate with specialized suppliers as much as possible. 

Installation and Maintenance

gallery/installation and maintenance

Since we design and supply the above systems, we would be the best one to carry out the installation, too. In our installations, we demonstrate professionalism in every aspect, from minor to major, from termination to programming. Because clients judge us from what they see at the different sites that we have worked at, therefore, it is very important to us to have clean and professional installations. We also provide maintenance service to our clients to ensure that the systems are always operating properly.